Aloha Group is working on new investments...

Aloha Group has completed many unique projects, the most recent ones being Aloha Houses and Aloha Residence which were built for those “missing the smell of garden in the city” with a “focus on quality of life and innovation.” The Aloha Houses concept has raised the standards of luxury and residential living to a new level.

Aloha Group plans to implement a general hospital project (200 beds) in the city center in co-operation with a reputable company active in the health care sector.

Development of “Aloha Second Life” with 400 suits and a Geriatrics Center is also planned by the Group in the city center.

Plans for an Embassy Resdience project in the city center have been completed and construction works have commenced.

Aloha Group has negotiated a franchise agreement with a globally recognised "steakhouse" chain that is headquartered in Europe to develop chain of restaurants in various cities, starting with Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.